How to integrate AgroCam into common applications

To integrate AgroCam into Mission Planner, Tower and Pix4D application download the package from the below link.

Download integration package here.

1. Configuring Mission Planner to handle AgroCam:

Find your Mission Planner install folder, ususally at 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner'. Locate file named 'cameras.xml' and open in text editor (Notepad). Add text in 'mission planner.txt' before/after any of the <Camera></Camera> sections.

2. Configuring Tower to handle AgroCam:

Using a file browser application (such as Astro) create a new folder on your Android device at same level as Tower: /storage/emulated/0/3DRServices/CameraInfo/ or /sdcard/3DRServices/CameraInfo/. Make an XML file with content of 'tower.txt' file and save them in the CameraInfo folder. Restart Tower and 3DR Services app.

3. Configuring Pix4D to handle AgroCam:

Add the content of 'pix4d.txt' file to the Pix4D's user database file at: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\pix4d\common\16\ucmdb.xml where [USERNAME] is your Windows computer login name.

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