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DJI NDVI Upgrade

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You already have a DJI Phantom or Mavic drone and you want to add a new function to it?

You can easily upgrade it to a precision ag tool:

  • Add an AgroCam NDVI camera

  • Keep the original functions

  • Get crop health analysis

Every AgroCam camera purchase includes free and unlimited access to our image processing software


Vegetation health analysis
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DJI NDVI upgrade enables a DJI Phantom 4 series or Mavic series drone to capture near-infrared (NIR) imagery in order to carry out vegetation health analysis by NDVI calculation.


You can scout your crops by simply flying over the fields with the NDVI-upgraded drone. Processing the images gives instant help in identifying the problematic areas.​

Free online processing application

The DJI NDVI upgrade includes free and unlimited access to our online software by which the RGB or NIR images can be processed to orthophotos, digital elevation models, zone maps, etc.


By our georeferenced NDVI colormap, the stressed vegetation or the problem spots can be easily identified. 


The vectorized zone map can be uploaded to precision farming machines by which zone based cultivation can be implemented.

Functionality, warranty

AgroCam DJI NDVI upgrade leaves the original Phantom 4, Mavic Pro or Mavic 2 camera and gimbal intact. The drone can be used just like before. 


The AgroCam camera can be integrated into the drone's controlling system, including autopilot and auto survey functions.


Our NDVI upgrade extends the drone capabilities. It will be able to take normal and NDVI imagery simultaneously.


The integration does not affect the DJI warranty.​

ac geo 3.png

AgroCam camera is not the smallest or the lightest UAV camera but with its solid 16 MP or 12 MP sensor and the state-of-the-art technology, it transforms a DJI drone into a precision mapping and crop scouting tool at once.

Low cost - high value

AgroCam cameras are probably the cheapest sensors in the market for professional NDVI analysis.


Why would you invest thousands of dollars in a device with a high risk of falling off the sky? Why would you pay more if you get the same results for a lower price?


A DJI drone with an AgroCam camera supported by the free processing software gives a great value for precision crop health analysis.

Easy installation

AgroCam cameras can be easily attached to a DJI drone. No professional technicians are needed for the integration, anyone can do it within a few minutes and the drone becomes a precision tool that provides data for NDVI analysis. 


Free maps available through the processing app

RGB orthophoto
RGB orthophoto
NDVI zonemap
Vectorized zonemap

Available DJI NDVI Drone Upgrades

DJI Mavic Pro NDVI
DJI Mavic 2 NDVI
Compatible with Zoom/Pro/Enterprise
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DJI Phantom 4 (all models) NDVI 
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